Singapore-based 0815 Watches has reached it’s $10,000 goal in 5 days. The current tally is at $12,155 with 34 days remaining. 08/15 watches have a minimalist design with prices under $100. The super early bird special can land you a 08/15 watch for as little as $79.

The unique feature of the 0815 watch is the Interchangeable Bezels.

The Watch Base is a precision machined, stainless steel, barebones body that houses the functional components of a watch.

The Interchangeable Bezels, each with their own distinct character, lock on to the Watch Base, supplementing an otherwise basic watch with a touch of style and identity that complements a wide variety of sartorial ensembles.

Working together, these 2 components create a unique watch system that allows you to effortlessly dress up your watch in a variation of bespoke styles, providing a seamless versatility tailored to our ever-evolving lifestyles.

Check out the Indiegogo campaign HERE

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