Chevall Watches is a new brand out of Ljubljana, Slovenia trying to get funding for their first watch. The Chevall Watch was created by two Architecture students that know about design and aesthetics. The unique feature of the Chevall Watch is that you can interchange the appearance using the THE INSERT SYSTEM.

The Insert System has 6 notches on the inner side of each case, the negative of the notches is on the insert. This ensures that the insert fits perfectly in the case, and by that also makes sure the case doesn`t move around. On the top of the case lies a silicone ring, that, when the insert is inserted into the case, creates a vacuum, holding it firmly, therefore unable for the insert to fall out.

The ease of changing appearance will appeal to those that hate changing straps and scratching the lugs. Chevall Watches is available now on Kickstarter for a pledge starting at $199.

Check out the Kickstarter page HERE

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