Created by Mark Demos, the founder of the company and teamed with John Cupit, at the time a car design Director for Nissan Design America in La Jolla, to develop watches with a “cruiser” motorcycle design in mind. The company produces watches with a motorcycle themed design. The company currently has two models, the chain watch and the tread watch. The two watches come with various color dials and bracelets as well as brush and polished finishes.

The Tread Watch features a tread like rubber tire strap with a square case. The watch is heavy, rugged and perfect for the biker or watch enthusiast. At only $150 the tread watch is a serious bargain for fans of unique and tough watches.

Demos Chain watch concept is based around the motorcycle chain with added elements of bike parts added to it. The concept is original and different than any other watch on the market. The chain watch is priced an affordable $225. Those that have a love for classic motorcycles and watches will like the watches from Demos watch co.

Head over to Demos Watches to order your very own watch HERE

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