We have seen cameras in sunglasses such as the Pivotheads and cameras in early Smartwatches such as the Samsung Gear 2. The problem with these was they were not implemented correctly or just plain ugly or produced poor quality pics and videos. Arrow takes the Smartwatch and adds a high quality HD camera with a 360-degree rotatable 5-megapixel. The rotating bezel makes it easy to take a photo or video anywhere you want to capture a moment. With a Smartphone you have to reach in your pocket and fumble to get that same shot. I like the convenience of having a high quality HD camera on my wrist and take photo in a second.

The Arrow is not just a camera watch it has Smart Watch features such as hands-free calls and notifications, activity/fitness tracking, and the ability to play and control music on the go. The watch will work with both Android and iOS Smartphones. The Smartwatch will have 8GB of onboard memory so you can save your videos and pictures. The Arrow App will allow you to wirelessly transfer your photos and videos to your Smartphone so you won’t run out of space on your watch. The app also gives you the ability to edit and share photos, save to their camera roll, send it by text to friends or upload to social media. The social media aspect of this wearable will be huge as users will be able to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter with all the pictures and videos they have recorded.

The Arrow Smartwatch will have a starting price of $159 for the silicon band version going all the way up to $229 for a stylish stainless steel silver band. The Arrow Smartwatch is quite affordable considering all it’s features that rival the best of Apple Watch and Android Smartwatches.

$159: One watch, silicone band in red, black or white, and a charger.
$179: One watch, an Italian leather band in all black or black with red stitching, and charger.
$199, One black metal watch, black stainless steel PVD band, and a charger.
$229, One silver stainless steel watch, silver stainless steel band, and a charger.

The company is launching on Indiegogo and has already created a huge buzz in the Tech community with 1208% of $30,000 initial goal. Arrow watch has already raised $362,380 USD raised by 2403 backers with 9 days remaining on their campaign. The Arrow Smartwatch will start shipping February 2018. Arrow Smartwatch has huge potential to disrupt Smartwatches and become the next GoPro of Smartwatches will a line of high quality stylish Smartwatches that feature an HD camera in a watch.

Check out the Indiegogo Campaign HERE

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